Ancient and peaceful, Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam that caters to travellers of all tastes and across the continents. Hoi An Old Town is located 30km south of Danang City, and 60km northeast of Tam Ky. Hoi An used to be an international trade center by sea on the east area in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was the busiest trading port in Dang Trong region of Vietnam during the reign of Nguyen as merchants from Japan, China, Portugal, Spain, Holland...often stopped over to exchange and purchase commodities. Based on archeological relics and early records of architectural dwellings. Hoi An was also an important meeting place of many cultures, such as Champa, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese, and has been greatly impacted upon by Vietnamese and Chinese civilisation

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Best time to visit Hoi An

Typical for the tropical climate of Vietnam, Hoi An city possesses warm weather the whole year with its average temperature of 29 Degree Celsius. The city only has two main seasons: rainy and dry seasons instead of four seasons like in Northern Vietnam.

The heat reaches its peak on the months from June to August when the highest temperature measured during day time is 38 Degree Celsius while the lowest temperature only drops at 21C Degree at night.

Winter-like weather falling in the town from November to January bring coldest days to Hoi An when daily average temperature is between 19 to 24 Degree Celsius. However, this coldness seems to be of no concern for tourists from Northern Hemisphere.

The most annoying factor in Hoi An should be its rainy season, lasting quite long from September to January. Its constantly heavy shower, which may also occur with typhoon and cause floods sometimes, can accidentally disturb your wonderful trip.


Hoi An’s dry season from February to May is the best time to visit the town, since its weather becomes very mild and beautiful with moderate temperature, low humidity, less rain and warm sunshine.


By road: Da Nang id 85 km from Hue, 130 km from Quang Ngai, 965 km form Hochiminh City and 740 km from Ha Noi. Hoi An ancient town is only 30 km from Da Nang.

By flight: Da Nang International Airport is 2.5 km south west of the city. There are daily flights from Da Nang to Ha Noi, Hochiminh city…

By train: The Reunification Express train between Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City will stop at Da Nang railway station


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